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Basin structure evolution

Case study: Monagas thrusts, Venezuela


  • Maerten, L., and F. Maerten, 2006, Chronologic modeling of faulted and fractured reservoirs using geomechanically based restoration: Technique and industry applications. AAPG Bulletin, 90(8), 1201-1226.

  • Neumaier, M., Littke, R., Hantschel, T., Maerten, L., Joonnekindt, J.-P. and Kukla, P., 2014, Integrated charge and seal assessment in the Monagas fold and thrust belt of Venezuela. AAPG Bulletin, 98(7), 1325-1350.​


  • Client: None

  • Location: Monagas thrusts, Venezuela

  • Main goal: Charge and seal assessment

  • Geology: Inverted basin

  • Tectonic: Subsidence, contraction, folds, thrusts, duplexes



  1. Data analysis and interpretation

  2. 2D model reconstruction and verification

  3. 2D model restoration over time (Dynel2D or Cassini)

  4. Forward 2D petroleum system analysis (Petrel/Petromod)


Other applications using similar methodology

The restoration of this workflow can also be applied to:

  • Geology interpretation verification

  • Forward stratigraphic modeling

  • Natural fracture modeling (fold related fractures)

Main outcomes