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Naturally fractured reservoirs

Case study: Malay Basin


  • Maerten, L., Legrand, X., Castagnac, C., Lefranc, M., Joonnekindt, J.-P. and Maerten, F., 2019, Fault-related fracture modeling in the complex tectonic environment of the Malay Basin, offshore Malaysia: An integrated 4D geomechanical approach. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 105, 222-237.


  • Client: Petronas Carigali

  • Location: Malay Basin, offshore Malaysia

  • Main goal: 4D natural fracture modeling

  • Geology: Oligo-Miocene clastic reservoirs

  • Tectonic: Inverted basin, extension, contraction, strike-slip



  1. Data analysis and interpretation

  2. 3D model reconstruction and verification

  3. 3D model restoration over time (Dynel3D or Cassini)

  4. 3D paleo-stress models from 3D model over time (Petrel DFN or Arch)​

  5. Discrete fracture networks over time constrained by paleo-stress (Petrel DFN)


Other applications using similar methodology

This workflow for natural fracture modeling can also be applied to:

  • Geothermal energy

  • Gas/CO2 storage

  • Nuclear waste disposal

  • Water reservoir

Main outcomes