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CO2 and gas storage in salt caverns

Case study: Northern Europe


  • Client: Some data used are collected from existing scientific publications on the Epe repository site (Germany)

  • Location: Germany, Europe

  • Main goal: Man-made caverns to store CO2 and other gas. Model stability and related surface subsidence.

  • Geology: Zechstein salt

  • Tectonic: Permian European basin



  1. Data analysis and interpretation

  2. 3D model of existing or planned cavities

  3. 3D present-day stress models around interacting cavities (Arch)

  4. Subsidence modeling based on existing and/or planned cavities (Arch)


Other applications using similar methodology

This workflow for modeling man-made salt cavern can also be applied to:

  • Mining

  • Tunneling

  • Nuclear waste disposal

Main outcomes