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Salt related deformation (faults)

Case study: Santos Basin, offshore Brazil


  • Maerten L., Maerten, F. and Cornard, P., 2017, Stress Distribution Around Complex Salt Structures - A New Approach Using Fast 3D Boundary Element Method. EAGE extended abstract, Paris.

  • Maerten L., Maerten, F., Coleman, A. J. and Jackson, C. A.-L., Modeling stress and fracture distribution around complex salt structures: A new approach and a case study from the Santos Basin of Brazil. In preparation for Geological Society of London Special Publication.


  • Client: None

  • Location: Santos Basin, offshore Brazil

  • Main goal: Model faults around salt diapirs

  • Geology: Passive margin, Salt diapirs and faulting

  • Tectonic: Gravitational, extension



  1. Data analysis and interpretation

  2. 3D salt model reconstruction

  3. Multi-parametric inversion (Arch)

  4. 3D stress field from 3D model (Arch)​

  5. Modeled fault characteristics constrained by stress field (Arch)


Other applications using similar methodology

This workflow for modeling salt related deformation can also be applied to:

  • Present-day stress modeling around cavities or active faults

  • Man made caverns

Main outcomes